I’m a self-published author (under several pen names). I enjoy writing for the sake of writing and also writing for different venues.

Pay-it-forward is a term used loosely these days, and I believe strongly that as an author, I benefit by doing so. Indie Karma, a phrase I recently encountered, is one I find amusing but also quite relevant to me as a writer. Helping out other authors can only mean positive benefits for me as well. I have a wish to contribute to the success of other authors.

Another author (I forget whom) once commented on the marvel that so many people are literate enough to put together a book that many people read and enjoy. And, neither educational nor economic background is necessarily a contributing factor in the success or failure of each book written and published independently of a traditional publisher.

Aside from my writing efforts, I live a rather boring life. I’m the consummate introvert, preferring quiet and reflective pursuits rather than congregational mayhem so common these days with popular social activities.

I also enjoy a cuppa jo on a daily basis as a part of my much needed routine. 😉

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