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Greg Sandora
The Protector: Kingdom of Heaven
Supernatural Romance Thriller
Christian Fantasy Fiction
September 2015

Author Interview

Greg Sandora has three books out with a fourth on the way. They hint at the diversity of his writing talent with the first series being in the Political Thriller genre and the second fitting nicely in the the Christian fantasy fiction genre. There are two books in the first series, Jack Cannon’s American Destiny: He’s All In and Jack Cannon’s American Destiny: The Women of the House. Each has roots firmly planted in the political thriller genre. The first in the series, He’s All In follows the campaign trail on the campaign trail to the presidential seat in the White House. The way fraught with intrigue, politicking, back stabbing and the politician’s sleight of hand. The second book pumps up the volume with the torrid heat and smoldering passions of romance. Gabby takes to the engages the reader with a more celestial romantic quality as an angel makes herself known to the main character because of his kindness, purity of spirit and capacity for love. Together they experience the beauty of love in all of its purity.

BIO: Originally from Portland, Maine, Greg lived and worked there many years before moving to Southwest Florida. His parents were both artists – his mom a poet and his father a painter. Saturdays were for family outings wherein they loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to visit a one-man show somewhere-or-other. Greg followed a different calling, started by graduating with a business degree from college. He now owns and operates an award-winning franchise fitness center. Currently a professional manager, he lives in Florida with his beautiful wife and children, while following his passion.

book cover 01

The Protecter: Kingdom of Heaven


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