The man behind, ‘In The Author’s Corner With Etienne Gibbs.’

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on air etienne 01BSo today, folks, we have a special guest, Etienne Gibbs, with Blog Talk Radio. He’ll be talking with us about his talk show, In the Author’s Corner with Etienne. The reason why this interview is here, on TJ Talks Writing, is because his show focuses on writers and writing related efforts.

So, give it up for, Etienne, everyone! Take it away, Mr. Gibbs.

How did you conceive of your talk show, In the Author’s Corner with Etienne, on Blog Talk Radio?

After my book, It’s My Turn to Be the Hero, was published in April, 2012, I came to realize that I did not quite know enough about marketing my book successfully. I had more questions than answers. Subsequently, I felt that if I did, perhaps other authors did, too. So, I created the show exclusively for novice and aspiring authors.

That’s an admirable motive for…

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