TJ Talks Writing

LAST UPDATE:  04-12-15

My job isbook cover 01 rather boring. It’s repetitive, redundant and terrible uninteresting, not to mention not mentally stimulating in any way, shape, or form. When I first started the job, I listened to music all day long by way of Pandora Radio. That got old very quickly. Then I purchased a new tablet. I discovered podcasts, in particular those found on National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio Exchange (PRX) apps.

Friday, I was listening to a TED talk called Framing the Story. In this show, Andrew Stanton talks about, What Makes a Good Story and brings up the rear with a second speech, What Are The Clues To A Good Story? Tracy Chevalier, writer of Girl With a Pearl Earring, provides insight with her presentation, How Do You Find A Story In A Painting? I was intrigued with Chimamanda Adichie’s, What Are The Dangers Of A Single…

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