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Behibook cover 01nd the Bar
P. C. Zick
Contemporary Romance
Tour April 1-10


PC Zick began her writing career in 1998 as a journalist. She’s won various awards for her essays, columns, editorials, articles, and fiction. Today, she writes romance and contemporary literature with her pen drawing plots filled with love, hope, and forgiveness.

Behind the Bar is Book Two in the Behind the Love Trilogy.

Susie and Reggie return to the Behind the Love Trilogy as the main characters in this romance. Susie and Reggie have been together since high school. When they watch good friends Dean and Leah find happiness, they both know something in their relationship must change. Susie believes that means marriage; she didn’t expect it to be Reggie deciding they needed a break from one another.

While on break, a handsome publisher comes back to Victory to sweep Susie off her feet, while the voluptuous Sally Jean works her charms on Reggie. Meanwhile, the Victory Tavern owned by Reggie grows into a star attraction for the town. Dean and Leah help, and Susie’s sister Lisa returns home and provides Susie some much needed answers to the questions about their father. Reggie nearly loses everything in a bet that jeopardizes the Tavern. Secrets revealed bring more questions. When Reggie realizes Susie is the woman he loves, Susie must decide if she can ever trust him again.

Before either of them can move forward to a life together, they must realize their past does not define them.


Tour Stops:

1) April 1 – Sneha Mohite
Devouring Books

2) April 4 – Kay
LoveBites AndSilk

3) April 6 – Tanya Jones
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4) April 8 – Desiree Cox
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5) April 10 – Arachnea
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1) Lynn Reynolds – April 8

2) Virginia Lee



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